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Bitcoin soared 3 million times in 7 years

Bitcoin is a decentralized, point to point form of digital currency, with global circulation, open code, anonymous transactions and other characteristics. Bitcoin is changing the way its funds are stored, used and received, and as the world's first open source payment network, it is driving innovations in finance and business applications.

A programmer bought $25 worth of pizza with 10 thousand bitcoins.



Bitcoin transaction price exceeded $1000 for the first time. Bitcoin rose 521%, the price for the first time exceeded 1 ounces of gold prices.

Bitcoin prices of about $400, the daily trading volume has doubled 5 times.



The stock market slid and bitcoin exploded to $900. Be the most explosive hedge tool.

Bitcoin hard to fork, still strong rise, the price of new highs to $3400.


Bitcoin - has been affirmed by global investors

  • Commodity Futures Trading Commission(CFTC)

    Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are reasonably defined as commodities

  • Li Jiacheng

    Invest the company that provides services to bitcoin users

  • People's Bank of China

    Bitcoin trading as a commodity trading on the Internet, people at their own risk under the premise of participation in freedom.

  • Bill Gate

    Bitcoin is exciting because it can provide a relatively low cost trading network.

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