Dear all Blcex users,

Thanks for your unconditional support since the platform was launched. However, with great regret we have to inform you that we have to say goodbye to you all today as we would cease the operation of the platform.

Although bitcoin trading is gaining popularity by the day, it has not been easy operating such a trading platform in HK, as there are no clear rules and/or regulations governing this new financial instrument/product and banks in HK have not been, in general, supportive in assisting our operations eg settlement of fiat monies etc. We hope that this is just a temporary situation as we believe bitcoin and other virtual assets are here to stay as a new class of financial instrument/product and once the local regulatory/commercial circumstances are clearer and more understanding, we will be reactivate our operation in Hk.

For those users who still have the outstanding amount (either in hkd or btc) in Blcex, please conduct your withdrawal on or before 30-Jun-2019. If you are not able to withdraw on or before that date, you should contact us directly through the email so that an alternative arrangement can be made, otherwise all relevant outstanding amount would have expired on 30-Jun-19 and we would not be liable, and you would not be able to claim, such outstanding amount. You should take note that a reminder would be sent to those who still have outstanding amount in our platform.

Again, thanks again for your support and we hope to see you again soon in the near future. Thanks.

致所有Blcex 用戶,