Is bitcoin legitimate?

2016-11-07 Release


Germany: At the end of June 2013 the German parliament decided to hold bitcoin for more than a year will be tax-free, bitcoin is the German finance ministry identified as a unit of account, which means that bitcoin in Germany has been regarded as a legitimate currency, and can be used to pay taxes and engage in trade activities.

U.S.A:In August 2013, the Texas U.S. District Court judge Amos Mazant together in the bitcoin virtual hedge fund in the case ruled that bitcoin is a currency that should be included in the scope of the regulation of financial regulations.

China:In China, the provisions of the "Regulations" of RMB, it is forbidden to produce and sell promissory notes. The definition of promissory notes and no clear judicial interpretation, if bitcoin is incorporated into the "promissory notes", is in the China bitcoin legal uncertainties.

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